August 14th, 2002

Salt Precaution

Old songs

Okay, I did something to-day that I prolly really oughtn't've in light of my very limited budget. But I did it anyway, so :P

I purchased a CD. The Pixies debut album from 1988, entitled Surfer Rosa.

I first heard of The Pixies from David Bowie, who has talked very positively of them on several occasions. But it wasn't until I heard that Bowie was actually covering a Pixies song for his new album--a song called Cactus--that I actually began downloading mp3s.

Not only did I find and enjoy Cactus, but also discovered a Pixies song I actually had heard before--Where Is My Mind?, which is the song featured at the end of Fight Club. (as the buildings are blowing up and Edward Norton is saying he thinks everything's gonna be all right). So I decided I like The Pixies.

Now I've a whole CD of them, with a sleeve featuring an attractive topless female flamenco dancer, and I like The Pixies even more.


I went through the computer of a dead man to-day--specifically, my great-grandfather's. He only died a few years ago, but it was strange seeing what scant softwares were stored on his little Pentium 120.

Most interesting was the brief Word document that was recovered--as in, Word auto-saved it before the computer got improperly shut-off. It appears to be something of a eulogy and I'm not sure if it was written by the man himself, or his wife, my great-grandmother, who is still living. It reads (preserving typos);

“Colonel Arthur Gordon Canfield,83,, died___________ Colonel Canfield was born in Iowa
in 1917 and was a member of the U S Army until I 1969. Service included World II,
Korea and Vietnam. Canfield’s most re resent assighnment before retirement was Chief
of general plans J5, MacThai, Bancock, Thailand, He coordinted effects of The United
States Military , Royal Thai Miniistry , Supreme Command Headquarters SEATO, The United Sates
Embassy, , and Joint Staffs of the Pacific Command significantly in the defence of Thailand a
and a ffavorble military military image..
His service included World War II,, Korea and Vietnam….After his retirement he was a Califnia
Rea Estate Broker. H e spent many hours in Volunder. Services .”
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