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September 1st, 2002 - Yew Erdri Ming — LiveJournal

About September 1st, 2002

Sitting at night 03:26 am
I feel like myself right now. I feel very distinctly me.

I feel like I am balanced perfectly, and perfectly easily, on the little bamboo poll at the centre of a placid little pond.

I almost wanna say I’m very sad, and I almost wanna say I’m very happy. But I really can’t say I’m either one.

Everything is crystalline and yet foggy grey. I’m tired yet perfectly awake.

I’ve found myself wondering in the past several hours whether I’m equipped to survive life, and at the same time wondering . . . what life is.
Current Mood: indescribableindescribable
Current Music: Angelo Badalamenti - Laura Palmer's Theme
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