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September 22nd, 2002 - Yew Erdri Ming — LiveJournal

About September 22nd, 2002

I can behave 02:10 am

I went all day to-day . . . without spending any money. And what's more . . . I had money to spend!!

I . . . I think this may even be a first for me. The opportunity to spend money was utterly there right in front of me . . . and I dinna take it.

Huh! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Maybe there is a responsible bone somewhere in my body!

I also worked on my novel for nearly all of the daylight hours in which I was awake, so I was productive too.

Although I am now wishing I'd purchased some cold beverages, as the notorious lack of drinks in this place is now again presenting itself . . .

I played Life with my sister in the evening. At the beginning, I put a pink person-peg in my little car. When my sister protested that I was to choose a boy, I informed her that my pink peg was just as much a boy as any of the blue pegs now. It didn't matter what colour she--er, he was originally moulded in.

Ah, if you can't teach appreciation for the different life choices of other people with the game of Life, where can you teach it? (er, I'll admit there're prolly better ways to go about it . . . )

Let's see . . . I also spent a lot of energy throughout the day concentrating on not imagining Trisa without underwear.

And of course, later, I turned in another session in Morrowind at Magious's.

Now, tomorrow I shall attempt to awaken before noon. Can I do it? We'll see . . .
Current Mood: peacefulpeaceful
Current Music: Rasputina - All Tomorrows Parties (Velvet Underground cover)
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