September 23rd, 2002

Salt Precaution

Step back and see!


DAMN! There's never anything to fuckin' drink around here! I never thought I'd wanna coke so badly!

. . . I'm a hairsbreadth away from going out and getting some. I need it baby! Soda is sex now! Yes, for me, yes!

But first, I think, just for fun, I shall recount my day as backwards as possible;

Dug about in my shaving bag until I found my black lipstick; Drove here from Magious's listening to Morrissey's Kill Uncle, specifically Sing Your Life (I think that's what it's called), thinking of starting a singing career . . .; At Magious's I checked a Morrowind walkthru to finally discover that the key to a certain door simply to wait until it's between 6 and 8am or pm, at which time it opens on its own; Before that, played Morrowind a bit, and since I didn't know how to open a certain door, I took out my frustrations by slaughtering most of the Ordinators in Vivic, which I can do quite easily since my character's practically a goddess now; Watched some of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network before Magious let me use his computer; Went to Magious's house listening to Morrissey's My Early Burglary Years, since I'd started the day with that album, I figured I should finish it with it too; Called Magious from the parking lot of a Sav-On near Trisa's house; Dropped Trisa off at her house, first bestowing her with Coraline by Neil Gaiman before I collected a hug; Drove with Trisa back from Olive Garden listening to Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea by P.J. Harvey; Trisa and I finished a tasty but very filling meal at Olive Garden--and cheap, too, courtesy of a gift card I have; Being seated at Olive Garden, I observed to Trisa that, "the only problem with Olive Garden is that when you're here . . . you're family," after the waiter seating us was too chatty for my publicly hermitic disposition; Trisa and I drove to the Olive Garden whilst listening to P.J. Harvey's Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea (a very fine album); Trisa and I paid a visit to the La Jolla Village Square Starbucks where we discussed a movie we'd just saw--Possession starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam. We both agreed that Jeremy Northam had looked very good in the movie; On our way up the escilator, a drunk adolescent girl said "Hello again," to me; As I waited, daydreaming, while Trisa used a certain facility, a drunk teenage girl approached me and said, "Hello," I said, "Hello," she said, "Hello," I said, "Hello," she said, "Hello" as she walked away; Trisa and I sat in a movie theatre watching a pretty movie; Trisa and I devoured Moos, which I needn't explain to any truly civilised readers; I and the lovely and inimitable Trisa wandered UTC in search of the elusive Converse One Stars. After even trying a boy's shoe store, we gave up. I also was not able to find any of the Elfquest figures I'd told Cryptess I'd pick up for her:( ;Trisa and I made our way to La Jolla whilst listening to Morrissey's My Early Burglary Years, and meanwhile having a discussion on the nature of gifts; Spotted Nino Quimcompoir of Amélie fame at Robinsons May; We grabbed some interesting teas from one of the few Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs (or is that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves?) in San Diego; Began activation at the intersection of Navajo and Lake Murray--red stoplight; The Aenkushings arranged the minimum-power mode Trisa and myself in my car; Trisa and I were unveiled at a new product meeting for the Ueijshi Minds; The assembly of Trisa and I was completed with the fitting of our freshly moulded heads; Our memories were conceived and compiled on Yeiinjig's Multivac; Project Trisa and Setsuled was announced at the early Ueijshi Minds conference; The sun rose on a strange world.

Yup! That's pretty much how things went.

Now! For soda . . .
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Salt Precaution

The price of character

Ahhhh . . . I've got my soda.

Purchased a big, multi-litre bottle of Vanilla Coke, and a little bottle of Red Fusion Dr. Pepper, which seems to be Dr. Pepper, except communist (don't I wish).

I realised as I purchased these, that I'm down to twenty three dollars . . . time for me to focus on frugality methinks . . . I fucking hate that. I hate thinking about money. I hate talking about money. Hell, I even feel slightly uncomfortable mentioning it here.

I really wish everything was free. Everything ought to be free. We spend too much precious time thinking about how to get money and how to prudently expend money. It can really spoil a mood.

Life should be like a dream. Our hearts should just float about being poignantly effected.

I'm sure Cryptess would chastise me (or give me the more gentle version of chastisement) for that remark, as it doesn't promote a story with good contrasting darknesses and lights . . .

I was thinking the other day about how much Cryptess's beliefs about God remind me of certain episodes of Star Trek TOS--the ones where Kirk and maybe some pretty, scantly clad young lady are trapped in some bubble-world or on some inescapable planet to perform for the intellectual interests/amusement of some powerful alien entity.

I think I really impressed Trisa at dinner with my considerable knowledge of Star Trek. Really, mates, I had her flushed and swooning--the drool from her trembling lip running to the table unchecked as her eyebrows raised in heartbreak provoked by the shear beauty of my extensive knowledge.

Or not.

Maybe it was more like she nervously laughed a few times to indulge my unasked for little digression. Who can say?
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Salt Precaution

Dry as chalk

Stayed up much later than I intended last night--'til well past 5am--reading a short story by Tad Williams called The Writer's Child. It's part of a collection of short stories having to do with Neil Gaiman's The Sandman written by various authors--kind of a tribute thing. What's surprising is how tremendously good all of these stories are, and many make me want to look up books written by these authors.

Despite having been awake almost until sunrise, I felt perfectly fine with awakening at 11am. I read part of the wonderfully good Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, which has thus far been a beautiful and very clever novel.

And I am now drinking Vanilla Coke from a water bottle.

To-morrow my aunt's supposed to arrive here with her cats and dogs. She shall be living here for six months, which is a good thing for several reasons, perhaps the most appealing of which is the fact that by having someone to socialise with her, my grandmother shall not take so much selfishly disdainful notice of my need for solitude in this little room.

Ack. My hands are as dry as chalk . . .
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