October 4th, 2002

Salt Precaution

Night Exister

I suppose I really ought to start thinking about going to sleep.

I am very tired. At the same time, I'm feeling very productive. Between 1am and now, I've been putting things in my sketchbook. It feels good to be putting that much work into it, as I've mostly been avoiding it lately.

What I suppose I should start referring to last night--Trisa and I skipped class to have an enlightening adventure with Off the Record, Borders, interesting shops with bad musics, and an unfamiliar Denny's. It was at the Denny's that Trisa finally received the bagel she'd been pining for all day.

Also known as a legab.

Being at a Denny's always reminds me of spending the night at one in Seattle with Cryptess . . .

I slept not that night. I shall sleep this night, dag nabit!

Here goes . . .
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Salt Precaution

Less of a brother

Last night's dream disturbed me a bit.

In it, I still lived with my parents and sister, and we decided to move to a mansion downtown on the harbour. The place was an enormous rectangular structure, like a sky-scraper covered in cream stucco.

Inside was a veritable maze of crystal walls and dark lacquered wood. I never did get to see my room. The first thing we all did was to get in the little black car sitting against the wall. It was mounted to a track that led off into a darkened hallway--the car, by the way, looked very much like the little cars one rides in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

The car jerked into motion and carried us sideways down the corridor, which turned out to run along the entire side of the building. We faced the wall which had a series of windows set up a bit like paintings in a gallery. They looked out to the sea, but something about the windows allowed us to see all of the invisible things--like the secret space shuttle the government was building in mid-air and several derelict, haunted antique galleons.

I don't have a brother, but in this dream I did. He, my dad, and I were now standing on the lawn of the place next door. My dad was furious at him for some reason, and began beating him before finally tearing his legs off.

My dad seemingly went off to sulk and I was left holding my brother's severed legs, wondering what I ought to do.

I wandered throughout downtown with a sense of fevered urgency before I finally found a pay phone.

My first instinct was to call Trisa, but I rationalised that there was nothing she could do about my plight, and she prolly wouldn't appreciate being awakened at 5am. So I called 911 instead.

Then I woke up.
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Salt Precaution

Someone who kills

This is the picture I was talking about a few entries ago;

Guess what she does in her spare time?

I made her skin a little lighter than I had originally intended because I wanted the scars and wounds to show up better. I sort of wish I'd given her less hair. Before I coloured her in, I was feeling a little sorry I'd given her pants. But after colouring them, I'm really glad I gave myself the opportunity to make the soiled cloth fused to parts of her skin and to show the tell-tale stains between her legs illustrating her utter lack of concern for personal hygiene.

I wanted to draw a girl who gave not a fuck about anything except killing people.
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