October 13th, 2002

Salt Precaution

My scalp is sleepy

Ramen and Root Beer. These are the things of Saturday night, October 12, 2002.

Ramen, Root Beer . . . and Vampires that is! WhoohoohwahaHAHA!

But before all that, I was at the mall thinking about how on a cloudy day like this was a cloudy day, the mall feels more like home to me than anywhere else. And not even, I think, any specific mall. Just The Mall. Maybe it’s because it was during cloudy, cool days that I found the mall to be the place where most completely comfortable, the place closest to how it felt to be in my room alone as a child.

On Saturday morning, as I slept, I dreamt that I was in a cold, desolate city with tall, pale blue office buildings. I went into one and took the elevator to one of the higher floors. There were a few desks--not cubicles mind you--with vague people working at them. I sat down at one and waited.

Finally, a girl I used to know, named Jennifer Polinsky, came to the desk (it was her desk--she worked in this office) and was very surprised to see me. She was wearing a short denim skirt, a denim jacket, and a chain-belt made of hoop-like rings. Even though I loath denim, I thought she looked kinna cute.

So we hung out a bit and actually had a good time, which would have never happened IRL.

Sometimes I wish I could pause existence while working out certain things. Time moves much too quickly.
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Salt Precaution

Firy home

My most recent dream;

I was living on my old cul-de-sac and the house next door was always on fire. The house at the other end of the cul-de-sac, owned by an interesting Vietnamese family, was also always on fire.

There was no day time, so everyone hung out in the night, disinterestedly speculating on when the flames would spread to all the other houses.

Everyone was pretty dashed when it started to rain and all the flames were put out.
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