October 27th, 2002

Salt Precaution

Blood and glamours

Just finished watching a Peter Jackson movie on IFC entitled Dead Alive, and I must say that I have never seen larger quantities of blood in any film. They must've drawn buckets from the Lake Michigan in Hell.

I should also add it was a very entertaining film--it was utterly fascinating watching the distinctively kinetic and breakneck camera motions that Jackson later employed in Lord of the Rings being used to tell the story of a boy whose mother's turned into a zombie after being bitten by some strange rat/monkey, and then later turning half the town into zombies . . .

With graphic scenes of zombies having sex, preachers practicing Kung Fu, and attacks of animated colons, there was really no way this movie could fail to be entertaining.

Not much else to report here . . . except that on Saturday morning, I dreamt that trisa materialised in my room wearing a white sweater and a dark green plaid skirt, and wearing her hair in some kind of topknot (I've never seen her dressed remotely like that).

She took a seat, and just smiled at me. Then she communicated to me WITH HER MIND that we were teleporting to the mall (Parkway). Which we did.

trisa, who did not utter a single word throughout the dream, took me to see an aged gypsy sorceress in the cutlery store. The two of them had decided to find me a bride.

So they granted me the ability to spontaneously turn large groups of people into nudists--a side effect of this spell is that my true love, when naked, would be made noticeable for what she was.

I first turned the west wing of the mall into nudists, and didn't see her.

I was a bit worried as to what would happen when the people in the rest of the mall, as yet unaffected by the glamour, noticed the people that were. I went on a mad spree of nudist-making to try to keep ahead of people noticing what's going on.

But I never found her . . .
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