October 30th, 2002

Salt Precaution

I am the personification of three pots of coffee

I wrote almost all day to-day. The scene I was working on actually disturbed me quite a bit. I hope it ends up working for the reader and for the book as a whole.

I broke to go to class . . . only to find it'd been cancelled. Brief encounter with trisa. Then . . . away into space, to meet asteroids and rocks . . .

I'm toying with the idea of watching The Godfather part 2 this evening, in honour of the fact that I just found it in my backpack.

But I think I'll just read a bit of Sherlock Holmes and go to sleep--I plan to stay in and work on stuff all day to-morrow.

Go to www.loureed.com if you feel like listening to Willem Defoe reciting Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven set to music by Lou Reed.

I have a strange desire to see cute rodents in my dream to-night . . .
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Salt Precaution

Ode to Lina Inverse!!

Heavy light splats!
Groups up of rock and fire!
From nowhere and forever she arrives!
When things are ever so dire!

(Or perhaps she makes them--)
Oh, hair of vibrancy and action!
Oh, sweet fuels put to work work!
Work to volatile, always destructive reaction!

To! Now it’s time to eat!
Then it’s time to eat some more!
Somewhere in between lays clouds!
Of debris from the best of any girl’s war!

Fought for splitting hairs and!
Mushroom cloud firework delights!
She is there for you and me and all!
Wearing brilliant sexy terra-cotta tights!
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