November 9th, 2002

Salt Precaution

Rain talk

Just caught one of the newer episodes of the X-Files. One of the ones long after Mulder. I haven't actually watched the show in several years--my schedule just went to hell and I was no longer able to catch the television much at all. At one time I'd seen every episode of the show--I saw the first episode the first night it was ever shown--it came on after Bruce Cambell's The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.. Which, I'll admit, was also a show I enjoyed . . .

But this new X-Files . . . I dunno. It just felt kinna sad. (sad in a bad way).

I had breadsticks to-day. That was my triumph.

Yes it was. You see, on Thursday I meant to get some, but I didn't because I had to go to stupid class (which I ended up being late for because I almost got breadsticks). So I promised myself I'd definately get them to-day, which I did, despite a variety of obsticles.

I got up at 2pm--a new record for me. I was forced to drive through cold and rain . . . but finally I got zem. And zey were all mine.

After them--after just four--I could hardly stomach a tic-tac . . .

It rained all day to-day. But guess what? Barnes and Noble's fire alarm still went off.
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