November 16th, 2002

Salt Precaution

There and back again

I think I've finally decided what to do with my life.

By the time I am at least fifty years old, I plan to have watched ALL of the special features on the Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition.

Seriously, folks. There's a lot of them.

But I have at least watched the extended version of the film all the way through. And I have to say I think I prefer it to the theatrical release. It feels a lot more like the book . . . I remember one of Roger Ebert's few complaints about the film was that while the book felt kind of like a british travelogue, the film was slightly more on the action roller coaster side of things (but, Ebert said, in a good way).

This extended edition gives it a little more of that travelogue feel, as most of the new and extended scenes are just little bits where the Fellowship is just . . . travelling.

Aragon singing some old elvish song around camp one night. Sam complaining about a root sticking in his back while he's trying to sleep . . . good stuff. Makes for a cosy viewing.
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Salt Precaution

The bleeding spinach

At the Greek Gyros at Grossmont Centre mall, they make their spanakopetas (a spanakopeta is a yummy spinach pie) in the form of two crispy triangles.

I caught three hours of sleep a short while ago, and I awakened with the realisation that I AM SUCH A SPANAKOPETA. And until I was a triangular spanakopeta no longer, I shall never again know sleep.

I've just walked the very exuberant Hershey, and busted open the fingernail of my right index finger on his leash. My digits are still frozen from the cold morning air, but I think it shall hurt signifigantly once thawed.

Despite this, and the spanakopeta thing, I shall now try to sleep for four hours.

. . . . . . . . . . . oy.
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