December 8th, 2002

Salt Precaution

The things people write and the sounds mouths make

Friday night I asked my aunt if she wanted to watch a movie with me. My aunt has generally good tastes and an open mind when it comes to art so seeing a movie with her is usually a good experience.

When she asked me which movie I wanted to watch my first choice was Princess Mononoke because, as I explained to her, I sensed that she had a minor prejudice against animation and I wanted to break down that prejudice because Mononoke is such an incredible film it'd be rather a shame for her to go her whole life without seeing it.

She gave in, trusting my tastes, a quality I value greatly as she is the only person in my family who seems to take my tastes so seriously.

We start up the movie and all's well until . . . Ashitaka makes his first appearance, opens his mouth . . . and nothing comes out. We can see Ashitaka talking, but we can't hear him.

OOOOOOOOOOOOO. The frustration. I cannot even tell you. And we never did figure out how to fix the bloody problem! The misfortune is greater as my aunt said she was kinna getting into the movie. Grrrr!

So instead we watched Akira Kurosawa's Ran. I'm happy to say that Ran is such a tremendously good film that it actually took my mind off of the Mononoke fiasco (although my aunt thought Ran to be a bit too depressing).

This rather expensive looking Kurosawa film is loosely based on King Lear by William Shakespeare and on top of all the kookoo-ness, it was nice to see a great Shakespeare based film after the horribly cheesy and curiously homoerotic production of The Tempest trisa and I were subjected to in class on Thursday.

Speaking of trisa, her journal seems to have returned to existence which is a very good thing.
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Salt Precaution

My hands are a bit cold

Sitting here. Thinking about all sorts of possibilities.

Hmmm . . .


Circulation's a story
All by itself
Some trolls only make you think
They've turned to stone

Crouching in the brush
Your assassin awaits
He's perfectly there
For you

A man can turn to stone
But men are always a sea
In which a woman can drown
So why tie yourself

To a stone dearie
Eyes that do not blink
Prisoner of his organs
Dropped fizzling in the water

Skies can peel a billion times
And there's always more for it to bleed
Your stomach can explode
And still you can suckle

Sky blood sprays into
Empty cavity spurting
Hissing like a tea kettle
Snapping like a sycamore


Now I'd better go off and do something. It's not quite as easy getting out of the house without a car. When I couldn't reach trisa last night, and I couldn't reach Magious, I walked around Santee until I reached the Starbucks and read an Angela Carter book that Marty let me borrow. An interesting read so far I must say.

After that I took a risk and walked all the way to Magious's house and was fortunate enough to find he was at home. I was double fortunate when he agreed that going to the mall was a good idea. And at the mall, he purchased the expansion pack for Morrowind which, of course, means my soul has been eaten away just a little more. But that's okay . . .
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