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I sensed an awful lot of hostility to-day everywhere I went. Usually it was subtle, but on several instances, it manifested in things like a pair of burly, Limp Bizkedites coming to vicious blows at the mall. I wondered what they were fighting about and realised it was prolly over a girl of the sort that would actually go out with someone like one of them, which didn't seem a particularly worthwhile thing to fight over to me. But then, what do I know?

I also witnessed an impromptu drag race, complete with middle fingers and white trash windshield decals. And I also witnessed my mother, who was perhaps the most hostile entity of all.

Strangely, though, I was really, REALLY calm all day. In what you might even call a natural high. I wondered if I was unnaturally feeding on all the negative energy and turning it into my own psychic power.

Too bad that didn't aid me in my struggles against the ants who're overtaking the kitchen. It's getting harder and harder to eat dinner here . . . I ended up pouring baby powder all over the kitchen floor. To my surprise, this did not work.

I even had ants in my dream a few nights ago.

As Elvis Costello would say, the bugs are taking over.

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