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January 19th, 2005

About Mostly Inadvertent Offences

Herbie's gonna kick yo ass! 08:05 am
Oh, shit man, I just like, totally fucking watched the sweet muthafuckin' Herbie trailer and . . . Holy shit man, what do I say, what I say but, oh hell Yeah!

Yeah! And that's the kinda lowdown muthafucker jammy kickin' "yeah!" that healthily affirms possitivity in this kickass world of speed man, speed!

Hey, ya'll, lookie here . . . I done see this Herbie behind the corner, Jack. Past the red bricks built over the slippery fucking sewers of the eyeless assholes who say "no" man, "no"!

'Cause, Baby, they're out there, just ready to say fuckin' "no" to fuckin "yeah!" Speed yeah! But Herbie told us things, man . . . Herbie's got the Lyndsay Lohan now, and he's all right and all yeah!
Current Mood: energeticoh, yeah!
Current Music: Viggo Mortensen - "Three"

Will he sleep now? 11:04 am
Checking out the purple world to-day through the new vintage coloured sunglasses bloodlette bought for me in San Francisco for Chrismas. Pretty cool. And hi-res, because I was wearing my contact lenses for the first time in a long time (they're a better prescription).

I was gonna try to stay up all day in the hopes of moulding a more normal sleep schedule but I think I'm about to give up.

Hmm. Did give me an opportunity to buy a smoothie, though. Before the smoothie, as I walked through town, I was getting the impression lots of people were digging my new sunglasses. I was reminded of the coloured glasses in Fallout 2 that raise your Charisma by one point--everyone I passed on the street said "hello" to me. That's unusual. I thought maybe in my slightly oversized pants, well fitted shirt, and fedora I looked like a 1960s Charlie Chaplin acolyte. Then I bought the smoothie and it ruined my mystique. By gods, what a good smoothie.

Only hernewshoes has identified any of my movie quotes! So here're some hints;

Number three was written by Arthur Miller.

Number four was cut from the movie when it was originally shown in Ohio because it seemed to explicitly refer to rough sex.

Number five was a line not in the movie's original script, but something included after the director heard the actress say it in conversation.

Number six is from a 1952 movie that shares its name with a famous location.

Number seven was spoken by Barbara Stanwyck.

Number nine comes from a movie starring someone mentioned elsewhere in this post.

Number twelve was spoken by Cary Grant.
Current Mood: exanimateinsistently lucid
Current Music: The Cure - "Just Like Heaven"
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