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April 22nd, 2005 - Yew Erdri Ming — LiveJournal

About April 22nd, 2005

Nesuko, in the pink. 06:32 pm
The new Boschen and Nesuko chapter's up. I hope it doesn't make anyone puke.

And now I have to run off again because I'm gonna do the 24 Hour Comics thing and I wanna get supplies . . . Gods, nobody better give me anything to do on Sunday.
Current Mood: rushedrushed
Current Music: "Chasin' the Bird" - Charlie Parker

Why I'm gonna be very tired. 09:20 pm
I'll be posting my 24 Hour Comic here. I've decided to make it about a group of cartoon characters I created when I was about nine or ten. I've made references to them in Boschen and Nesuko, but otherwise I remember almost nothing about their personalities or relationships. It ought to be an interesting experience.

I'll try to update with each page as I go, starting at midnight (for me, it's currently 9:23pm).
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful
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