January 23rd, 2006

Comfortable Chap

Movie Tastes

Movie survey from grandmofhelsing's journal. Not behind a cut because I am a cold, cold blogger:

1) First Movie you saw in a theater?
I think it was Return of the Jedi.

2) First R-Rated Film You Bought A Ticket For By Yourself?
Don't know.

3) Favorite Movie Snack?
I don't eat or drink during a movie. I won't do anything that makes noise or might make me need to use the restroom.

4) Favorite film going experience?
Hard to say. Maybe seeing A History of Violence with only one other, noiseless person in the theatre.

5) Stupidest thing you did that you saw in a Movie?
Made my own Batman costume.

6) First film to inspire carnal thoughts for the opposite sex?
Return of the Jedi. Especially Leia in her slave costume, and the Twi'Lek whose boob pops out.

7) Have you ever paid for one movie and snuck into another?

8) Have you ever seen a movie in Drive-In?

9) Have you ever had sex in a car while watching a movie.

10) If so, what film?
Ronny Rocket

11) Ever had sex in a movie theater?

12) If so, What film?
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

13) Favorite John Hughes Film?
Pretty in Pink

14) Favorite Quentin Tarantino film?
Kill Bill

15) Favorite Hitchcock Film?

16) Favorite Spielberg Film?
Raiders of the Lost Ark

17) Favorite Zombie Film?
Night of the Living Dead

18) Favorite Actor (dead)?
Cary Grant

19) Favorite Actor (living)?
Bill Murray

20) Favorite Character Actor Ever?
Peter Lorre

21) Favorite Actress (dead)?
Katharine Hepburn

22) Favorite Actress (living)?
Megumi Hayashibara

23) Favorite Character Actress Ever?
Mary Pickford

24) Favorite Theatrical Animated Character?
Donald Duck (perhaps grandmofhelsing and I oughta have a piano duel)

25) Favorite Film Score?
Vertigo by Bernard Herrmann

26) Favorite piece of Film Music?
"Laura" by David Raksin, from Laura

27) Favorite Film Song?
"The Way You Look To-night" by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields from Swing Time

28) Favorite Christmas Movie?
The Nightmare Before Christmas

29) Favorite Film Genre?
Film noir

30) Favorite Porn Film?
I don't think I've ever seen a whole porn film.

31) First Porn Film You Saw?
The next one.

32) Favorite Disney Film?
Sleeping Beauty

33) Favorite Western?
The Searchers

34) Favorite Musical?
Singin' in the Rain

35) Favorite Horror Film?

36) Favorite Comedy?
Monty Python's Life of Brian

37) Favorite Science Fiction Film?

38) Favorite Suspense Film?

39) Favorite Romantic Film?
The Lady Eve

40) Favorite Epic?
The Lord of the Rings (I consider them all one movie)

41) Least Favorite Thing About Seeing Films in A Theater?
People that make noises.

42) Favorite Thing about Seeing Films in a Theater?
The big screen.

43) If you could be any film character, who?
Devlin from Notorious.

44) If you could have sex with any film character, Who?
Princess Yuki from The Hidden Fortress.

45) If you could live happily ever after with a film character?
Tracy from The Philadelphia Story. Or I'd be happy to have a permanent relationship with Princess Yuki.

46) If you could be any movie monster, who?

47) Favorite Film Critic?
Roger Ebert. Though I disagree with him a lot.

48) Favorite Screen Writer?
Raymond Chandler.

49) Favorite Director?
Akira Kurosawa.

50) Chaplin or Keaton?
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