February 27th, 2006


Terror, Movies, Dolls

This sure felt like a quick day.

I haven't done very much with it. I watched a Discovery Times report on Jihadists on the internet while Victoria the cat slept on my lap. I worked a bit on a new project, finding it's hard to draw human ears now.

I'm starting to get the impression that robyn_ma would like people to plug her Live Journal community, Cinemaeater. She and her friend post reviews there for bad movies they've watched. It's a pretty entertaining site.

It's actually been pretty gloomy outside to-day--cool air, grey sky, and light drizzle. The cats walk to the door eagerly, stop, look at me as if wondering if I was the one who authorised the weather, and then walk away.

I think maybe I'll go out into it now . . .

Perhaps you will buy Spooky's doll?
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