April 12th, 2006



I had a pretty good birthday. I went with family to see Friends with Money, the new Nicole Holofcener movie starring Jennifer Aniston, Frances McDormand, Catherine Keener, and Joan Cusack. It was a decent movie. It's hard to go wrong with a cast like that. Though, you'll have to bear in mind that I had a huge crush on Jennifer Aniston in High School.

The movie had good dialogue and character studies which were at turns mildly amusing and genuinely interesting. I really liked how it acknowledged that the idea that working for a living was somehow inherently noble is a sham. Too many movies are quick to enforce puritan work ethics by showing hard-working waitresses rewarded with great homes and picturesque lifestyles.

We afterwards had cake at my mother's house, where my sister had set up a Darth Vader themed table setting with Vader napkins, balloons, and little cardboard Vader masks which made us look more like bugs.

To-day's been good too. I've slept for most of it, and dreamt I was at some extravagant 1920s ball, and having a really nice time.

This was after this morning having an excellent omelette at The Living Room, where I also wrote a draft of the new Boschen and Nesuko's first six pages. I'm pretty clear on what changes I'm going to make, and on what the last two pages are going to be. So life's good at the moment.
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