May 28th, 2007


How a Day Can Change

It was not long after comparing, in my mind, Burzagan to a Mearas that I was given opportunity to compare the animals in practice, for I and three Orcs astride Wargs pursued the greygirlbeast in the late afternoon.

It had been a fine day. I had been enjoying the sweet Easterling meat and the congenial atmosphere of good, rambunctious Orcs when a sharp-eyed old scout named Gugduth spotted a hawk. It has been years since last I saw a hawk, and I do not believe I've ever seen one in Mordor, so I immediately suspected this to be an agent of Radagast. I was only beginning to wonder how I might best deal with such a spy, when the greygirlbeast was spotted riding north, away from us.

"It is that woman you seek, yes?" said Zogulth, hearing the report. I nodded, but before I could say another word, he ordered three young goblins to mount their Wargs and pursue. Each had the great, eager bloodlust of youth and I knew I should risk needless discontent in my ranks if I stalled their chase. So I led them on.

It was a warm day and the nice, almost sugary thick taste of a woman's innards in my belly made me even easier. Nonetheless, something had begun to tug on my mind, some small, bad feeling. And then, in an instant, I knew; Sindaseldeonna was a diversion, a diversion so that Radagast might wreak mischief in my absence.

"It's a trick!" I said to my companions, "We need to go back."

But the futile chase had made them mad, their red eyes bulging from their grey-green sockets as their bony frames bent over the shoulders of their Wargs.

"Fine! Enjoy yourselves!" I pulled Burzagan's reigns and turned towards camp to shortly find another chaos of rebellious Wargs and Crebain.

My Orcs ran about, some trying to calm their mounts, others cowering or making for their tents to escape the relentless feathered assailants.

Not again, I thought. This damned wizard would not do this to me again.

"The Brown wizard is behind this," I said to Burzagan, "You shall reject his will! You shall obey me!"

My good steed snorted a bout of smoke from his hot nostrils, and I had to take this as an affirmative as we galloped into the tumultuous camp.

Of the Easterlings, there remained four women and two children and with them, as I had suspected, I found the grey bearded old Istari attempting to cut the bonds of one child with his broadsword. He stood to face me the moment I spotted him.

"Your fell deeds shall not continue!" he said, his words strangely rolling over the area with more weight than they ought to have had and Burzagan reared.

I tried to laugh, though it may have sounded weak as my mind was partly consumed with holding onto Burzagan, "And why does a Maiar who lost his mind to beasts question the right of the strong to feast on the flesh of the weak?"

He seemed to become confused then; he frowned and his wide eyes stared at the dirt. I at this moment put my heels to Burzagan's flanks and drove my spear through the old man's chest. One of the children screamed.

It took nearly an hour for the camp to quiet down and the Wargs to return to normal. Ten Orcs were lost in this disturbance, and those who remain are nervous now, despite the Brown Wizard's very real corpse. In order to allay their fear of wizards, and further demonstrate my power, I have decided to eat Radagast.
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And Night Changes Things Too

Everything is quite different now. I sit alone in the shade of my tent with familiar objects arrayed about me. And yet I am not alone, and yet nothing is familiar.

I lost a tooth tearing muscle from dead Radagast's femur. I found his insides not unlike a Man's or an Elf's. But by the time I had finished his heart, a new set of canines and other sharp teeth besides had grown in my jaws and I had no difficulty with the rest of the meat. Despite all the meat I had eaten during the day, as I devoured the Wizard I only seemed to grow hungrier. It seemed there was a fire that, as it grew larger, demanded more fuel. I ate near the centre of camp, to demonstrate to the Orcs, but I had all but forgotten my environment and those in it. As I finished, I found myself aware of each Orc, Uruk-Hai, troll, Warg, and Crebain about me. I felt their fear and their awe wash over me like sheathes of blue flame.

The Crebain are no longer mysterious to me. There was a cancer in their ranks, but now I touch all their minds, and I watch through all their eyes, for miles and miles. I saw the greygirlbeast, sleeping naked in my cloak, curled around her own fear. I smiled. I feel no need to take her now. She is in Mordor, and so long as she is, she is ever in my grasp.

My attentions now are on the disparate Orc tribes of Gorgoroth. In each individual goblin and Uruk, I have sounded the tiny bell, and they are all now massing about me as a great maelstrom. I can feel the Black Easterling, and he is coming to me as well, though I do not know his intent.

As I sit now in my dark tent, at times I can see the flames lick my arms and legs, illuminating nothing, but glowing fiercely. I have just finished sewing a mask from the Wizard's skin, and I am affixing it to a helm. My mind's eye now is often on the greygirlbeast's heart, and I delight to see a dark path through which my will may enter. I shall wait and I shall watch her.
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