June 7th, 2007


Here's Why You Didn't Recognise Me

Tired. My grandmother's having the carpet torn out upstairs. Not really for any reason, if the truth were acknowledged, as it so infrequently is. It's noisy around here.

I seem to have lost my driver's license. Probably at the bank, which is the only place I ever take it out. It was another noisy, sleepless day last week, and I was probably too tired to notice when the girl forgot to hand the ID back to me. Yesterday I learned the bank shreds lost IDs after three days. I guess simply calling me would have been bad form. So now I've a DMV appointment at 3:45pm to-morrow, which ought to be a jolly good time.

Only six hours spent colouring yesterday. The day before I believe I spent around nine hours. All together, I must have coloured one and a half pages. Suddenly it doesn't seem terribly realistic that I can draw, ink, and colour a monthly comic, at least not at my current quality standard. But at least I'm going to be able to put together a very nice portfolio for Comic-Con next month. The Morrissey concert was right behind the convention centre, and walking past the big empty place brought back good memories. It really needs to be an all-year thing. Less a Comic-Con than a Comic-Embassy.

Well, I'd better put my limited cognisance to what use I can . . .
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Sleep Young

To-day I managed to buy two nice four piece sets of luggage for twenty dollars each. That's around forty dollars total. And why? Because to-day I learned the carpet's getting torn out in this room, too, and I'm reminded again that I don't really live here, I just stay here. Before Monday, I need somehow to get all of my things out of the way. The carpet destroying noise has already been chiselling my sleep time away and I have this weird feeling that if I were properly rested, I'd notice something critical about my situation and actions to-day I'm completely missing now. Maybe several somethings. All I can seem to think about now is that I need less sodium in my diet, while I run around alternately forgetting if I'm dealing with my room, the missing driver's license, or my comic.

Opening for Morrissey on Monday, I forgot to mention, was a young woman named Kristeen Young. At the time, I thought she was decent, though not incredible. I did like her costume (one of many nice costumes of hers, as I see from YouTube, though the San Diego performance isn't available). I thought she sounded a little like Switchblade Symphony. I was surprised to read on her Wikipedia entry that she's had training as an opera vocalist, that she's worked with David Bowie, and that some of her albums were produced by Tony Visconti. Maybe one needs to hear her studio recordings to truly appreciate her. I do like the title Breasticles for her third album.

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