August 13th, 2007

Kyoami Looks Up

Round White Face

So Karl Rove's leaving the White House. I guess even he realised there wasn't anything left for him to do. And maybe the subpoenas and Bush's gratuitous invocations of executive privilege to protect him and others started to heat the water too much even for Rove. I still don't think he's in any immediate danger of indictment, but I wouldn't be surprised if the pasty goose-brain flees the country. Probably for the United Arab Emirates.

I don't think Rove's the political genius most people claim he is. I think he was just part of the team who saw the complacency of the American people and decided to take advantage of it. And the peculiar cocktail of pain and intellectual complacency after 9/11 is at least as responsible for Iraq as anything Karl Rove did. I saw a pundit on CNN this morning say this is effectively the end of the Bush administration. I hope that's true, I guess. But it's come far too late.

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