August 28th, 2007

Grave Robber Pipboy

Fantasy Ghostbusters

I was reading again recently about a possible third Ghostbusters movie and about the idea that the new one would probably feature a new cast of younger actors. I don't think this is necessarily a bad idea. It certainly fits in with Dan Aykroyd's original concept of the ghostbusters being a national institution, like the fire department. So I started thinking about who I would cast.

My Ghostbusters: The Next Generation movie would take place in L.A. I figure a typical ghostbuster department would consist of scientists at the bottom rungs of their fields of study while also being people who have a tolerance for stressful and life threatening situations. There would be a couple specialised ghostbuster departments housing more established experts, but my Ghostbusters movie would concentrate on some of the more average shlubs.

My team would consist of Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, Wanda Sykes, Thora Birch, and Daryl Hannah.

Carell would play a former high school science teacher who was fired after having an affair with one of students--the case was nationally infamous and he spent a few years in prison for statutory rape. Now he's a ghostbuster and an alcoholic, spending a lot of his time at a nearby bar drinking martinis.

Carrey would be a guy who was a completely anti-social physics buff in high school, but only just barely got through college. He's one of those guys with almost no capacity for human emotion until he becomes ecstatic over a complicated equation or something. But he has almost no control over his own attention, which is why he did so poorly in college.

Wanda Sykes would play a marine biologist who spent a decade studying wildlife in the Pacific Ocean. All of her friends were also marine biologists, but unlike every single one of them, Sykes never made any groundbreaking discoveries or published anything noteworthy. This, combined with extremely bad luck with men, has caused her to become extremely bitter and she sees becoming a ghostbuster as accepting the fact that she's a McDonald's cashier after having tried to be a chef all her life.

Thora Birch would be the tech girl. She has no particular aspirations or ambitions and would easily be the most laid back of the five. She's supposed to take care of the crew's equipment, but she tends to slack off and play MMORPGs all day. She enjoys teasing Steve Carell's character.

Daryl Hannah would be the most accomplished scientist of the group, a former botanist but now a paranormal botanist. She was part of an academic movement that began studying "ghost plants", though she was not a key figure. She's also a Wiccan priestess.

I'm not sure what the movie would be about, but I think I'd prefer a plot that's not about saving the whole world, but just saving people from ghosts.
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