October 5th, 2007



I threw up last night for the first time since I was fourteen years old. Read on!

The culprit seems to've been the five glasses of sake I drank while watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I was having a good time, and being slightly drunk helped me enjoy my least favourite Indiana Jones movie more than I had in years. But halfway through the movie, it became clear to me that I had to take up temporary residence in the bathroom, and it was there I stayed from 2am 'til 5am, alternating between dozing on the tile and puking. I had "All You Need is Love" from Across the Universe stuck in my head;

"All you need is love . . ." bleeuggh . . . guh-ACK . . . "All you need is love . . ." CAK ppththt . . . kuh . . . ghuh . . . "All you need is love, love." qaCCCKT bluh "Love is all you need." fluuuuuuaaaagh.

I'm not sure what did it to me. I can have well over five glasses of whisky and be fine. Life is a grand mystery, no?

I did a bit of Second Life. New Babbage was off limits to everyone but land owners, so Second Life automatically kicked me to Korea for some reason (not the first time it's happened, either). I decided to explore, since it does seem to be a pretty solidly designed area. The Second Life logo is everywhere, so I'm guessing it's not user made, unless it's a couple of Korean guys who really love Second Life. Actually, judging from the names and conversations I overheard, there aren't actually any Koreans in Korea.

I decided to take charge of a bridge;

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