October 13th, 2007


"As I Walk Through This Wicked World Searching For Light in the Darkness of Insanity . . ."

I got about halfway through the new comic script yesterday, getting to a point where I definitely felt like I'd be better served by waiting and pondering the next step. It was a good plan because most of the rest of the comic came to me this morning, and I have a feeling this comic is going to be the first of a series about these characters.

Writing came slowly yesterday--it felt like a chess game, as I carefully thought about each panel before making my move, so to speak. I thought about each moment from every character's angle, weighed what would be natural for him or her to say, what would be interesting at the same time, and if I needed them to say something uninteresting, was the ultimate goal worth it? I find I need to be a lot more economical with comics than with prose--I'm aiming for twenty-four pages here, which in itself shall be a difficult thing to accomplish by October 31. There's just not the kind of room you get with prose, especially since, for whatever reason, I never feel comfortable giving the characters thought bubbles or narration squares. I love reading them in Frank Miller comics, but for some reason I find them unwieldy.

Anyway, it's probably well that I feel like I can finish this script up to-day. But before that, kids, Uncle Setsuled's got more slides from vacation in his Second Life (no, not the one with the other wife and kids in Tucson).

I finally bought some Lindan dollars--the in-world currency. I bought about ten American dollars worth, and I've already blown just about all of it, mostly on silly random things.

Presenting Sir Lehagvoi Setsuko, Jedi Knight in Her Majesty's Navy;

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