October 20th, 2007


Sanity's Gonna Hit You Like a Suction Cup from a Whirlybird

While I was making coffee this morning, there was a helicopter circling outside with a guy making some kind of announcement. I couldn't understand what he was saying, even when I stepped outside and the helicopter was especially close. It sounded like, "Orange dryer! An orange-red dryer!" I swear at one point I heard him say, "A fucking orange-red dryer!" He then said either, "Stay in your homes!" or "Stay off the road!" Sounds like a dangerous, tomato coloured dryer. It all seems Burroughs-ian somehow;

I think I'm getting in a good rhythm with this comic. I've drawn the first four pages, haven't coloured any, and I have twelve days until Halloween. I say things bode well, and 'cause I say it, it is so.
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    "Pancreas" - Weird Al Yankovic