October 21st, 2007



I'm exhausted. I need a break, so . . . here's a meme taken from mellawyrden, who's also apparently drawing all night . . .

Use the FIRST letter of your last name to answer all of the questions. They have to be REAL answers....nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person ahead of you has the same letter as you. You can not use your name for the boy/girl name question!

Last name: Setsuled
Famous artist/band: The Smiths
Four-letter word: Shit
US state: South Carolina
Boy name: Sven
Girl name: Sally
Occupation: Sailor
Something you wear: Sarong
Celebrity name: Sarah Silverman
Something found in a kitchen: Soy sauce
Reason for being late: Sloth
Something you shout: So!
Body part: Scapula
Alcohol Drink: Sake
Animal: Serpent
Movie: Seven Samurai
TV Show: Simon and Simon
Candy: Starburst
Store: S-Mart
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Big Sword


Rigorous night of drawing last night. I guess I started at around 3:30pm . . . I took a two hour lunch break, bought a copy of Dune, started reading it while eating sushi, came back, continued drawing, stopped to log briefly into Second Life where I found the desert planet, well, deserted. Which was probably just as well since it meant that I continued drawing until the wee hours.

I have to face the facts; if I want to get this done, there'll be no Second Life, no movies, no hour long breakfasts until Halloween. But I think I can do this. I just hope doing so much in such a short time doesn't affect the quality of the drawings.

I remember drawing, inking, and colouring the last four pages of Boschen and Nesuko's chapter 6 in one day. That took sixteen hours . . . It's hard to say if this had an effect on quality. There are a number of problems I have with those drawings, looking at them now, but I'm not sure how much of this has to do with the fact that I wasn't as good of an artist back then. In any case, I guess it works well enough, even though I made everyone's necks weirdly long. I do like how I blocked panel 3 on page 56. It looks almost like a Kurosawa arrangement. Though Kurosawa probably would've figured out how to get Boschen in the frame.

Thank the gods I have such a backlog of DVD commentaries to listen to--I had two especially good ones keeping me company last night; the scholar's roundtable commentary on the new Criterion edition of Seven Samurai, and David Cronenberg's commentary for The Fly.

Spending so much concentrated time on a comic is bringing back a lot of old feelings. You get strangely intimate with the characters . . . I remember always feeling like Nesuko was there in the trenches with me, and I'm starting to feel that way about the characters in this Halloween comic. The title, by the way, is Kim, Kimberly, and the Snake. I like how it sounds almost like a cheesy 1980s detective show. I was tempted to call it Kim, Kimberly, the Snake, Mrs. King, Simon, and the Fat Man, She Wrote.

It'll be nice to have a new 24 page comic on my web site. I haven't put one up since Moving Innocent, way back at the beginning of this year. I'm still happy Sonya seemed to like that thing so much. She's a good person.

Well, back to the comic mines with me . . .
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