October 23rd, 2007


A Strange Dust Lands on Your Hand

Having a croissant instead of oatmeal this morning really paid off--by 2am, I got everything done I had scheduled for myself; I drew two pages, inked three, and did as much colouring as I could for the duration of a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode (I'm not measuring the colouring in pages since, as I'm using the same colour palette for all the pages I currently have scanned, I'm colouring single components straight down the line . . . That's not very clear, but I'm tired, so deal)*

So I guess I clocked another twelve hours to-day. Maybe more like eleven, if you take out lunch and dinner. The fire situation hasn't seemed to change--a couple news sites say it's certain to get worse to-morrow, so we're a long way from being out of the woods. It still doesn't look like it's going to come this way, but it's still only about thirty miles away, and is spreading uncontrollably.

Here's a spot I drive through frequently--I drove through here when I went for sushi on Friday;

I was only away from the house for two hours, remember, so factoring in that I bought Dune and read some of it at the restaurant, you can see this is indeed very close. This satellite photo from CNN isn't encouraging;

Of course, also discouraging from CNN was Glen Beck taking a moment to say, "I think there is a handful of people who hate America. Unfortunately for them, a lot of them are losing their homes in a forest fire today."

There's some perspective for ya. Don't let the lava scare you away from grabbing the Ring of Power . . .

*Red Zone Cuba was the MST3kepisode, by the way. Crow: "This movie dares you to watch it!"
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Nothing Bad Could Ever Happen at Tiffany's

I've given up trying to sleep. There're evacuations now in Lakeside, which is on the side of Santee (where I live) opposite where the fires were (and still are) yesterday. There's been no mention of Santee in the news except to say that Santana High School, my high school, is being used as a shelter for Lakeside evacuees.

They're still calling this fire completely uncontained, so I'm nervous, as you might expect. I'm going to start making a few preparations.

I mean to work on my comic to-day.

Yesterday I listened to Peter Bogdanovich's commentary for The Searchers and producer Richard Shepherd's commentary for Breakfast at Tiffany's. The Bogdanovich commentary was easily more interesting and informative, though the producer's perspective on the Audrey Hepburn movie wasn't without interest. He talked about choosing Hepburn over Marilyn Monroe because Audrey seemed to him to have more of an innate sensitivity.

Martin Balsam's character calls Holly Golightly a phoney, but a real phoney, which is a key observation to her fantastically, perfectly formed character. She makes fantastic promises she can't keep, but she nonetheless makes those promises in all earnest. She has a thousand superficial relationships not because she's cold, but because she's so sensitive that the promise of depth in a relationship derails her in ways she cannot admit to herself because to do so would be to acknowledge a weakness in herself she so often speaks derisively of in others.

"Okay, so he's not a rat, or even a super rat, just a scared little mouse." She had that Brazilian guy pegged better than Paul.

Anyway. I better get to things . . .
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Working and Watching

Still no call to evacuate. But evacuations were ordered in El Cajon yesterday, and now, I see there are some being ordered in Rancho San Diego--both of those areas are south of here. So we seem to be in the eye of this thing here.

I keep seeing guys on CNN talk about the similarities to this and Katrina, and how federal and local responses seem to be much more effective in this case. There have been two deaths so far, compared to Katrina's much larger, untold number. But I would argue there are a number of other differences--aside from the fact that the federal government is obviously going to want to skip to faster this time for purely PR reasons, there's also the fact that mobility is far easier. I've heard of only a couple roads being made unusable to emergency vehicles, and besides this, the roads and places in Southern California are much more spread out than in most of the country's older cities. San Diego's also the fifth most expensive place to live in the country, which means there are far fewer people unable to transport themselves.

President Bush is supposed to be here for a photo op on Thursday. How much you want to bet he plays it as St. George conquering the Katrina dragon at last?
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Several Hundred Thousand Avacado Trees are Gone

Google maps has an interactive map for the San Diego fires. Gotta love Google.

I see they're calling the fire to the north the "Witch Creek Fire", which is better than the local news channels referring to it as the "Witch Fire". Are police looking for a practitioner of the black arts here?

What am I saying? Witch Fire sounds much better.

Anyway, things still seem to be okay in Santee . . .
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