December 12th, 2007


Nice Day for a Picnic

Since people on my friends list are talking about dreams they had last night, I've been struggling to remember mine for the past couple minutes. At first all I could remember was a massive, ancient, grey stone opera house. Then I remembered seeing a woman with a chainsaw (a part influenced by the activation of a leaf blower outside my window, I think), and earlier than that, a longer dream about exploring a wide, empty white beach. I was instructed to drive there in someone else's car (I guess my own car didn't work in my dream, either). I came across a muddy grey mound which featured a hole black for its depth, just wide enough to crawl through. I remember finding a strange object in the cave--I don't remember what it was, except that it was possibly radioactive. I returned to the beach the next day to find that the grey mound had collapsed and there was a new chain link fence surrounding what remained.

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    "Right" - David Bowie