February 24th, 2008


Memories of Pesto

In case anyone is wondering, I did spend time looking at Al Green and Kermit the Frog videos. I just had to cut myself off somewhere.

Really tired right now. I was in bed drumming my fingers on my chest until some time after 8am. I think it might be because it was the first time in a week I wasn't in the mood for alcohol. Which sucks. I don't want to be dependent on alcohol for sleep. I suppose the Earl Grey tea probably didn't help . . .

I also had a bagel before bed. It was kind of an experiment--back when I used to eat breakfast with bloodlette at the Living Room, we used to get some amazing bagels with tomato and pesto. And lately I've had an onion surplus because I've been buying diced onions for my burritos, but gods, onions seem to expire in the blink of an eye. So I've been trying to think of more uses for them.

Normally, I'd get the tomato and pesto bagel on an onion bagel, so last night I had a plain bagel with pesto and onion bits sprinkled on it. Not bad. It's distinctly missing the tomato, though.

A more successful experiment, earlier in the day, was some toasted English muffins on which I put butter, shredded cheddar and jack cheese, and jalapeño slices. Jalapeños can save to world.

Wait. Jalapeños are green. Hmm.

I'm going to my mother's house to watch the Oscars shortly (which is why I didn't just keep sleeping). I have no picks. I'm pretty much pulling for No Country for Old Men, though I haven't seen Michael Clayton. I'm secretly looking forward to seeing Amy Adams sing.
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Some Enchanted Evening

Er, okay. I swear that Enchanted was not a bad movie. I know it's impossible to tell from those excruciating performances of songs that were all tongue-in-cheek in the movie. I felt really bad for Amy Adams, who I really think is a very charming and talented actress, presenting later in her bloody GREEN dress.

That being said, yeah, Once was a much better movie. And that was a much better song.

Overall, kind of an awkward Oscars. I thought Jon Stewart was good, especially when he brought Marketa Irgolva back on stage. I was terrified of Regis Philbin on the red carpet. I think that's the biggest dose of that guy I've ever gotten--so is he like a berserker or something?

And what was all the Hannah Montana crap? I suppose it's because Disney owns ABC . . .
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