March 11th, 2008

Into the Bay

Onward, Cabbie

I got an 87 (out of a hundred) on the in-class midterm, and the teacher complimented my writing, telling me I lacked only enough quotes from the text. So, maybe he's not such a bad guy. He likes my writing. Angels and ministers of grace nothing, it's my ego that'll preserve us.

And we're doing King Lear next. Hello, fond briar patch. My copy of the version with Laurence Olivier and John Hurt came in the mail a couple weeks ago, too, and it's fabulous. So I shall enjoy some whiskey to-night.

I finally downloaded Winamp a couple days ago to replace the copy I lost on the hard drive that died last year. I was reluctant to download it, because I knew it would never be the same as my ancient version number with the Gendo Ikari skin I downloaded from gods know where in 2000 or 2001. And because Apple is a police state, I can't transfer my old collection of mp3s off my iPod and onto the computer. My good old collection, that came together slowly over more than five years from sundry sources, never amounting to more than a thousand files, but having a special flavour and personality all its own. Now, of course, I probably have at least two thousand mp3s from the past couple weeks alone, but it's just not the same, man.

This new Winamp isn't bad, though, especially since it lets me switch to "classic" mode, and at least I don't have to deal with iTunes anymore and the soft spots in its skull.

Anyway, here's some more music; four videos. Spot the hidden Melora Creagor!

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