March 28th, 2008


About Face

Ever since I cut my hair, it's been writhing about my head at the speed of plant growth. I'm like a time lapse gorgon (incidentally, one of the main characters in my new comic is a gorgon). Now big pieces of hair are curled forward on my cheeks like ram horns. I kind of like it.

I was kind of amazed that the last time I posted doodles, all the people and creatures in them were facing left. Completely without my conscious intention--I have no idea what it means. Maybe I'm just such a deeply ingrained liberal.

Anyway, here're a few recent doodles where I've made a conscious effort to have people, if not facing right, at least looking right. See? I can do it! Throwing in a few recent Second Life pics because. I will.

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Let's See . . .

Maids of some kind were here, putting a cap on my sleeping time, coming in at . . . six hours? I think that's right. I can't remember if I got to sleep at 7am or 8am. I do remember a lot of time spent starring at the ceiling. Oh, well. Lucidity's overrated.

I'd pretty much already decided yesterday that to-day needed to be something of a day off. Which is good, because I don't think I could get anything done in this state.

To-day's Blog Against Torture Day. I doubt I'm awake enough to be cogent on such a sensitive topic. So I'll just say; don't torture people.

Okay. Time to make the eyes . . .

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