April 12th, 2008

Good Coffee

Unsatisfying Meal

I was really on a tear last night. After midnight, somehow all I wanted to do was work on my project, and I finally had to pull myself away. I wrote over two thousand words.

Anyway. I have several appointments to keep to-day. I thought I might post something from the novel I wrote about Nesuko T'Kreth before Boschen and Nesuko. There was a long, particularly bleak segment of this new project I did a couple weeks ago that reminded me of a large section of that novel. Chapters 38 through 51 (of 92 chapters) were entirely devoted to Nesuko living by herself on her home planet, Naeh’Beng, after a crashed Zai'Pi ship had leaked perfume, killing everyone except Nesuko (because of her weird physiology). I tried very hard to convey an impression of someone completely losing touch with a solidly defined reality; I came up with titles for each chapter of the section before writing any of them, wrote them on slips of paper, mixed them in my hat and wrote them in the resulting order. And the narrative never refers to Nesuko by name for the section.

I still think the novel's mainly not very well written. But I don't mind this section so much. I remember chapter 47 as being the most difficult chapter to write of the whole novel. So here it is;

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