May 1st, 2008

Into the Bay

Stripping Puppets and Wheat

There was a dead rabbit next to my car last night. He didn't look like he'd been run over--his body was perfectly intact, as though he'd just decided to die next to my car. My grandmother says when she went out to-day, it'd been moved to under my car. When I went out later, it was gone. I hope this isn't some kind of omen.

I only wrote just over 600 words on my project last night, but I came to the end of a big section. It won't be long before all is in readiness. Afterwards, I read Caitlin's new Sirenia Digest. The second story, "CONCERNING ATTRITION AND SEVERANCE", was maybe the better of the two, but they were both pretty good. "CONCERNING ATTRITION AND SEVERANCE" was apparently based on some Second Life rp, which is perhaps why its carefree bloodlust reminded me so distinctly of Doom and Quake. It occurs to me that people who were never particularly into the classic first person shooters are just now getting into the kind of rampage that a lot of us have enjoyed for so long. The vignette also reminded me that I want to buy a copy of Hostel part II, with which it has some things in common. In addition to the fact that both works could quite obviously be referred to as "torture porn", the most interesting aspect of both pieces is in the exploration of torturer psychology. "CONCERNING ATTRITION AND SEVERANCE" conveys a pathetically egotistical woman, who apparently commits acts of violence entirely because it's the only way she feels she can be taken seriously.

The first story, "Flotsam" was very pretty, with a very beautifully described siren, the kind that lives underwater. I tend to picture them as bird women on islands, but six of one, half dozen of the other, as they say. Her hair was especially beautifully rendered.

Some time spent in Second Life last night. I finally met one of spacecoyote1981's sculptures in New Babbage;

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