May 12th, 2008

Wet Indiana

Antidote or Diamond

I decided to eat breakfast at the mall to-day, where I had four breadsticks with marinara sauce from Pat & Oscars and a quadruple shot latte from Starbuck's ("This is the perfect latte!" said the barista. "Wow, thanks!" said me). I absolutely love marinara with espresso beverages. I don't know why it hasn't swept the nation.

I saw a poster for that Intelligent Design Ben Stein propaganda movie and seriously contemplated seeing it just to goof on it. But I simply couldn't justify spending ten dollars for that. I still haven't seen Iron Man, for gods' sakes. I suppose I need to get on that before my geekiness is audited.

Why are we supposed to think Ben Stein is a reliable authority on the beginnings of humanity? Because he was a speechwriter for Nixon? No, it's not even that. We all know it's because he had a small role in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Stein considers this viable capital, and the kicker is that a million nitwits agree.

My fake history is now at 21,957 words, more than twice what it was last time I checked. But, since last time I checked was April 4, that's not hugely impressive. Still, it's officially novella length now. I remember when I used to knock off novellas like crazy. Sure, none of them were very good. But life's a slinky on the staircase.

I finished early last night, which was why Second Life's grid being down was so annoying. So I drove to CVS, bought a chocolate bar, and watched part of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which, in a way, is my favourite Indiana Jones movie. I'm noticing a lot of reviews for the new one say it's either better than the second or the third, depending on which happens to be the reviewer's least favourite. I'm heartened to see that a lot more people than I thought consider The Last Crusade to be the weakest.

Damn, I wish the new one's screenplay was written by someone other than David Koepp. Damn, I'm still looking forward to it.

I downloaded the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom soundtrack yesterday and it suited the section I was working on very well. To-day, I begin the final section.
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