May 20th, 2008


You Say You Want a Revolution, Well . . . We All Have Snakes for Hair

Both dadragoness and mellawyrden having pointed me to this page on the snakes of Crete, I chose the cat snake for my half-gorgon (though I changed the colour).

Unfortunately, I had to lose the lovely scale pattern because of the time constraints of the comic. But I like the shape of the cat snake's head and the big eyes. Plus, as dadragoness correctly guessed, my half-gorgon is modelled after Simone Simon of Cat People;

I know it's not a perfect likeness, but that's pretty much how I wanted it.

I'm running a little late because of class and some errands I had to run. But to-night I'm working on the web site design and to-morrow I write the first comic script.
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