May 23rd, 2008

Morrissey Hatted

Stretch Out and Wait

New Morrissey single! Performed, along with an oldie, here;

June 2! With B-Sides composed by Gustavo Santaolalla!

And I'm already digging "All You Need is Me".

Lots of things happening in June. I'm also going to a Cure concert with my sister, and my new comic goes online (I've decided) June 15. Though I'll finish chapter 1 by June 1, I'm still keen on the idea of staying a chapter ahead. Fortunately, I've conceived of a new colouring technique to combat the problem I was having with stray white pixels I've been contending with for scanning at a higher dpi--which made it so I had to carefully go over each page colouring one pixel at a time. I've discovered a way of raising the contrast and lowering the brightness on a picture before reducing it to two colours (after which I increase it to 16 million again) that removes virtually all of the dots. I'd tried this before, but never got it to work.

I'm thinking a lot of that probably didn't make much sense. This is the sort of thing I had to contend with . . . Now, hopefully, I'll be able to make these pages as fast as I made the Boschen and Nesuko pages.

I'm extremely pleased with the script I wrote yesterday. To-day, I'll be doing rough drawings of the chapter pages, and to-morrow, it begins. I'm jazzed.
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