July 11th, 2008

My Technique

Venia's Ironic Name

Chapter 3 of Venia's Travels is now online. I know I'm competing with Hellboy II to-day, but I hope you make some time for Venia anyway.

I hope everyone's okay out there.
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Dancing Men

You See, but Do You Observe?

Just got back from seeing Hellboy II, which I liked and will talk about more in to-morrow's post. But here are two things I overheard from the audience;

WOMAN: "Reminds of that Rings movie." MAN: "Legolas?" WOMAN: "Yeah. Reminds me of Legolas."

ANOTHER WOMAN, halfway through the movie: "He's a fish man!"

We have a winner.

On an unrelated topic; this gave me chills.
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