January 6th, 2009


Ii Na

Good, good.

Woke at 1pm to-day. Very tired. But all I need to do is colour to-night.

I started listening to William Friedkin's DVD commentary for Vertigo. He's almost as bad as Stanley Donen--just giving a play by play--Now Scottie*'s going to see Gavin Elster, who wants him to follow his wife . . . Scottie has vertigo which makes him dizzy. Etc. Still not as bad as Richard Schickel's commentary for La Dolce Vita, wherein he held forth on the film being about Marcello's impotence shortly before the first of many scenes where Marcello makes it with a woman.

Am I the only one who would think of this song whenever they heard about Joe the Plumber?

*James Doohan's a pretty Irish sounding name. Why didn't he play a character named Paddy? Slightly more demeaning than Scotty, I guess . . .
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Yellow and Red Vertigo

Somewhere Outside my Brain, There are Places

Instead of letting myself get disembowelled like a schmuck by some fairy lady, I took my digital camera downtown to-day to take pictures. I bet there's probably a checklist of stages for jackasses with new cameras, and I guess I'm probably at stage 4 or 5. At least I'm not self-deprecating.

This is from on top of Horton Plaza, my favourite mall.

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