March 13th, 2009

Ashi no tomodachi

Machines to Communicate and Manifest Thoughts and Feelings

So much for not needing to go out again for several days--I was out of hummus yesterday, so I had to go to Ralph's to get more. For lunch, I went across the street to a mall called Fashion Valley. I had a really nice spinach stromboli.

Before I left the house, as I was getting into my car, I took a stereo out of my car and gave it to some kids playing basketball on the street. I'm having some space issues right now, so I need to get rid of some things, and this stereo, which I've had for maybe fifteen years and which I haven't plugged in in ten, I figured I couldn't get more than ten dollars for. I was just going to throw it away, but the kids were near the trash can.

It feels like a big event just talking to any of the neighbours. I guess I really am just not that in to people. On The Howard Stern Show the other day, there was a discussion about a BBC documentary Stern saw about people who fell in love with, and had forms of sex with, inanimate objects. One woman was an Olympic gold medallist archer who fell in love with her bow, only to break up with it and begin a relationship with the Eiffel Tower, which she considered female, which I guess means she's a lesbian now. Artie Lange made a good point about how it's more work to love a person, and that these people are running from that. This is why even just thinking about having more than a few friends starts to give me a headache. I'm not even that great at keeping up with the few friends I do have, to be honest. Which probably is a big strike against any future I might have in entertainment media, which seems to be largely dependant on networking.

Just working on my comic takes so much time, I'm astounded creative people ever have time to forge relationships with others. I've been trying to do this new chapter Boschen and Nesuko style--normally with Venia's Travels, I tend to draw a lot of the pages, and then colour them in groups. With Boschen and Nesuko, I'd draw, ink, and colour one page a day. I think I'm going to go back to that permanently--it's a lot of more satisfying, and I have a better idea of how the chapter's shaping up along the way.

I watched the tenth episode of Battlestar Galactica's fourth season last night, featuring the discovery of a devastated, possibly post-apocalyptic Earth. They ought to've shown the Statue of Liberty, just to go all the way with the Planet of the Apes homage. Of course, if this is anything like New Caprica, they'll talk now about how inhospitable and irradiated the planet is, only for a couple episodes down the line to show tropical foliage and Apollo and Starbuck running around naked in the middle of the night. It was a good episode--the whole airlocking standoff was nice and tense, though I didn't quite buy Adama's super dramatic reaction to finding out Tigh was a Cylon. It felt a bit too much like, "The show's going away for a while, so give it all you got!" It was nice to see Baltar switched back to being a more thoughtful character.
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Good Coffee

Skye Amounts to a Hill of Beans--Bold Beans

I just made a trip to the grocery store, and as I walked between the grocery store and the Starbucks, a homeless man, as I passed him, in a voice like Tom Waits' but slightly deeper, "Tch"ed derisively and said, "Shit. Like Bonny and Clive, man. What d'you, shoot bullet holes in French cars?"

At Starbucks I bought a bag of their Pike's Place coffee beans, each bag bearing a label marked with the signature of the person who scooped the beans and the date the beans were scooped--in my case, 3/12 and "Skye", and Skye put a little heart next to her name. Thanks, Skye. I hereby pledge to love you with the boundless love of a man who's never met you, knows nothing about you, and intends to grind and percolate your beans.

Actually, I do like to imagine Skye is some incredibly beautiful and affectionate beatnik. I guess Skye sounds more like a hippy name. That's cool, too--whatever you're into, babe.

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