March 25th, 2009

La Bete et la Belle

The Rare Grace of Licentious Pictures

The tweets of last night exposed naked on a rock to-day;

Desktop currently is "The Nymphaeum".
I've been thinking about women all day.
Lunch burrito boring to the atom.
Wonder where when you need them are the fey?

Trying to work in some alliteration now.

Had lunch at a genuine Mexican restaurant next to a Vons (Safeway to most of the world) in La Mesa. As in, the people working there were genuinely Mexican, and I received the hot sauce in a glass bottle as you do from places where they haven't learned the impersonal American practice of putting everything in disposable containers. However, the burrito was astonishingly almost utterly bereft of flavour. I've made better burritos myself. Even the hot sauce was little more than red water.

Remember how Where the Wild Things Are is about abandonment issues and possibly Lawrence of Arabia?

Me neither. But I actually think this could be an incredible movie--I certainly don't mind the idea of Spike Jonze making an expanded story based on his personal interpretation of the book.

The illustrations for that book were absolutely incredible. There was a peculiar life to the monsters' faces--you could see them working things out behind their eyes, wicked, but not as sharp as Max, possibly. The images were so strange, down to the tiny curls of hair, that it seemed they could only be genuine renderings of a hidden country of monsters. I don't think I actually get that impression from the monsters in the trailer, but Spike Jonze has certainly shown a talent for making the strange seem real.
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