March 31st, 2009

Dancing Men

Almost Forgot About This

Twitter Sonnet #3

Dollhouse might be Vertigo the series.
Jefferson Memorial has mutants.
Half pencilled page is all Friday carries.
Winter length wrought by team of consultants.
I have stayed up past planned time yet again.
Pea soup slipped out of the can like Play-Doh.
Saw Tim but came back to draw after ten.
I think there are some sylphs I'd like to know.
Better burrito to-day at new place.
Folks at Something Awful think I'm creepy.
Need to find a spot for my guitar case.
Why don't I go to bed when I'm sleepy?
The cat in my dream could only say "cat".
I saw two yellow dogs, happy and fat.
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The Shadow or Welles Hatted

The Groundhog's Latest Press Conference

Last night's tweets;

My favourite Pokemon is Purin.
Might want to see new
Ghostbusters movie.
Thinking again of
Children of Hurin.
My absinthe is protected from UV.

I'd really like to look forward to Ghostbusters III, which is apparently definitely in development. It can't be worse than the second (I'd like to think) and the screenwriters coming from the American version of The Office would seem to be a good sign, though I've only seen the first two seasons of that show. It's going to have to be a very different animal from the first film, though. One of the best things about the first movie is the beginning that established these guys in a world that feels real--the beginning of Stripes is great for the same reason, but the strangeness of the latter portion of Stripes isn't quite as interesting as the strangeness in Ghostbusters, in my opinion.

But I'm speaking as a fan of the 1980s cartoon series, which the new Ghostbusters video game, which reunites the original cast of the movie, seems to resemble. The cartoon series' head writer, J. Michael Straczynski, wrote the screenplay for the recent Clint Eastwood movie Changeling staring Angelina Jolie, so he'd actually be kind of a get now for Ghostbusters III. It's funny how the wheel turns.

They were talking about Bill Murray movies on The Howard Stern Show yesterday, and Stern talked about not enjoying Murray's performance in Caddyshack. I kind of agree--the great thing about Murray's performances is that you're always kind of laughing with him, even when he's playing a complete asshole. Which is incredibly useful when you want to get an audience interested in a character before they start learning some lessons. It's potential for a good arc, but the caricature he plays in Caddyshack just doesn't have that. Though, on the other hand, I still think Bill Murray's the best thing about Caddyshack.

Stern named Groundhog Day as one of his favourite Bill Murray movies, which put me in the mood to watch it again while eating dinner last night. I remember in the DVD commentary Harold Ramis talking about Danny Rubin, the screenwriter, only agreeing to allow Ramis to make the movie because Ramis promised to refrain from adding a sequence at the beginning before Phil gets stuck in the time loop. Ramis quickly went back on his word, and it's not hard to see why since avoiding Phil first discovering his predicament would've missed a great deal of potential for comedy, not to mention the character arc that really makes the movie work. But it's interesting to think about Rubin's idea for the film and how it would have started, with Phil having been forced to re-live the same day already for years. With the filmmakers carefully plotting how such a guy might act before starting, watching him onscreen might have been like studying an alien--you'd wonder if he's crazy, maybe psychic. It might have been a bit like David Cronenberg's underappreciated film Spider.

I stopped following the Something Awful forum discussions about me yesterday. They just didn't seem worth my time--there's more being said than I have time to read, anyway, which is actually why I'm not very good at following forums even when it's not all about me. I got a hit from the twitter page of the author, apparently, of the talking owls comic I made reference to, who prefaced the link with the comment, "This just in: hard-core comics full of rape and violence are superior to my silly little comics about talking owls and cats and crap." It gave me enough of a peek at the logic at work--apparently me saying other people considered the talking owls comic superior meant I was saying my comic was superior. For the record, I have no idea how good the talking owl comic is, I only glanced at it. But I kind of like the idea of hatred for me spilling out of Something Awful and into the general internet--kids, if you're reading, and you hate me, be sure to spread the word.

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