July 10th, 2009

Girl Type Ranma with Pig

Can't You Think of a Question for the Ourang Outang?

The music in that one is "Light of Green" by Nakagawa Koutarou from the Code Geass soundtrack. I was finally able to get to the zoo yesterday because I'd somehow finished the last two pages of the new Venia's Travels on Wednesday night, and the zoo finally has decent hours for people like me during the summer.

I got a lot more pictures and video than I'm posting now--I may post more to-morrow.

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Twitter Sonnet #38

All centaurs are more human than satyrs.
Neither of them ought to be sawed in half.
In dreams dwell the advocates for waiters.
Who are real humans in the final math.
Italian album takes twenty seeds.
Now deluged by sundry contributions.
Every earnest, hidden muppet has needs.
But they skip the bukkake ablutions.
There's no rain holds a candle to whiskey.
But the Roo cannot to-night be consoled.
Camera weary at dusk is the monkey.
But no-one in this house has yet been sold.
The convenient vehicle is too tall.
Teacup totem ladders too quickly fall.
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