July 27th, 2009


I Continue

Sunday went rather later than expected. I haven't even eaten dinner yet. I'm hoping I can retain something from this big schedule shift, though. Maybe I'll go to bed at 2am from now on.

Still a surprising lot of things on the last day of Comic-Con, which is usually pretty dead. I'll start writing about it properly in daylight. But for now, I must vegetate.

By the way, Linda, the violinist I posted video of Saturday, has a myspace.

Last night's tweets;

Many heroes are now on the trapeze.
Many places around town are a sith's.
Ate again at the amazing Pokez.
And my waiter sang along with The Smiths.
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Salt Precaution

Comic-Con Report, volume 1


Okay, so I won't be accused of burying the lede, I'll talk about James Cameron's Avatar right off the bat. I saw the 24 minutes of footage presented by Cameron himself as well as cast members Sigorney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, and Stephen Lang, and I can't say I was impressed. Others have already written about how the cgi doesn't look as revolutionary as Cameron has led people to believe, and indeed it suffers from an eerie, overly clean quality that plagues so much cgi and was reminiscent of what made the Star Wars prequels often less visually interesting than the original trilogy. But the main problem is conscience.

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Last night's tweets;

I shall forever honour Chewbacca.
Nabeshin is a rare and worthy man.
Gizmo by this time might well be caca.
There are hungry ghosts of goats in Japan.
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