November 17th, 2009

The Bus

Tiny Spider

Last night's tweets;

Buzzy beetles have headaches in their backs.
Endoskeletons sleep in flesh solder.
Walter Neff's trolley is on iron tracks.
Atlantis is found under tap water.

Potentially gross medical stuff ahead, so be warned.

This afternoon I woke up almost feeling like I might vomit and unable to get down oatmeal. I also discovered I seem to be both pissing and shitting blood. I called my parents about it and they seem to feel it may be a result of me taking the antibiotics with too little food on my stomach--I'd been taking doses before I started eating and last night I had a yam, spinach, walnuts, and prunes for dinner. They also seem to feel I've had too much iron. So my parents gave me some sunny side up eggs, vegetarian (soy) sausage, and a biscuit, all of which went down easily enough. They seem confident it's my eating habits and the amount of cranberry juice I've been drinking that's causing the bleeding, so I'm going to avoid seeking more potentially very expensive emergency assistance right now. I thought I might be having an allergic reaction to the ciprofloxacin since my throat was swelling up a little bit, but I'm told this is too mild for an allergic reaction. I'm stressing out a lot, and I could be imagining things, so I'm just going to try riding this out a little bit. I do seem to be urinating normally now. I guess, considering they tested my blood and gave me a CAT scan, it's unlikely I had something else that the doctor missed.

Ciprofloxacin seems to have an amazingly long list of potential negative side effects, which I kind of wish the doctor had warned me about. If he did, I missed it, but I also failed to read the bit in the paperwork the hospital gave about how I was supposed to call a local clinic for a follow-up three days after the ER visit. This is why I sucked at school so much, I have a hard time retaining a lot of information. I guess it doesn't help that I'm worrying a lot and am having trouble thinking straight. Hopefully, I won't end up blind, psychotic, and paralysed.

I did manage to get some drawing done yesterday. To-day I might just try watching a movie or two. Another day of little sleep.

Here's a tiny spider from my bathroom a few days ago;

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