January 17th, 2010

La Bete et la Belle

No Place for Rabbits

Twitter Sonnet #102

Trash bins withdraw into a blue shadow.
Feline, pink bellhops block confused rabbits.
Recycling's gift wrapped by a black widow.
Spiders prescribe guests' vacation habits.
Necromancers kill any thief they find.
Their kitchens are stocked with some skull shaped peas.
But undead Johnny Appleseed is kind.
Apples burn with the dust of their old trees.
Supermarkets make dust juice for your cup.
Restaurants loom on all sides of the lot.
You're of no threat to a coyote pup.
Leaving the lit space you're quickly forgot.
Doctors and Gods pass through the head hotel
The plastic girl coup will undo Mattel.

I spotted a small animal running across an island of shrubs in front of my car as I pulled up to the curb last night. I thought it might've been a large cat at first, but as I was getting groceries out of my car I saw it had stopped to watch me--it was a small coyote, about half the size of an adult. It ran away when it saw I was watching it, but I noticed a moment later it had only gone a few feet before stopping behind a shadowed shrub to keep watching me. 99 percent of the time when I get home at night there are a dozen or so rabbits congregating in the cul-de-sac, and if they're not there, I've more than once seen a couple coyotes flitting about. They seem to be getting more comfortable with humans around here--I remember seeing one get caught in the middle of a busy street, pacing and anxiously watching cars speed by on either side. My mother, who lives a few blocks away, just told me about walking at around 11am and suddenly noticing a coyote walking next to her who ran off when she looked.

I watched the second to last episode of Dollhouse with breakfast to-day. The best bits were references to "Epitaph 1", but mostly it was pretty sloppy. It was very obvious that the whole episode had been filmed before anyone remembered that Boyd had been shot in the gut in the previous episode, which necessitated the inclusion of very obvious looped dialogue over some quick cuts early on; TOPHER: "But, Boyd, you've been shot!", BOYD, "I've been shot before, and I've got meds!" I guess if gunshot wounds hold no surprises for you, they really can't have much of an effect. But that's only the most extravagant example of the episode's lack of logistical integrity as characters frequently did things that don't quite make sense (the plan to take down Rossum began with everyone just strolling into the lobby?), though it was nice that Rossum's CEO ended up being somewhat sympathetic. I liked seeing Amy Acker play Clyde, though it would've been even better if she could've managed an English accent, and Whiskey was also another victim of writer's neglect necessitating looped dialogue, in this case Topher, as everyone was fleeing the exploding building, exclaiming off screen, "I got Saunders!" even though she's clearly not present in the shot of team Adele just hanging out outside the lobby of the office building with a series of explosions inside.

Yesterday's breakfast was a little better, as I watched the first episode of Baka to Test to Shokanju, which salamandream recommended to me. Definitely one of the most genuinely funny anime series I've seen in a long time, it successful pulls off some great timing in sequences of absurdities. The concept is some kind of high school for summoner sorcerers whose "attack power" is based on their test scores. It takes ironic video game humour to a new level while also managing to remind me of Urusei Yatsura with its great gags based on sensitive kids reacting very personally to complete nonsense.

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