January 20th, 2010

Mermaid Sub

Inches of Water

Twitter Sonnet #103

Wild horses will relax when you're cloaked.
Time for the belle minotaur to decide.
The round track architect was always coked.
It's the same cardboard cylinder inside.
Only good brothels may service Wonka.
Lime candy carpet coats the upstairs floor.
Zangief paid the new girl to blow Blanka.
Electricity leaves her somewhat sore.
Wind and rain to-day knocked out the power.
Some strange keys somehow showed up in my car.
Two umbrella hands point to each hour.
To rain runoff, the gutter is a star.
Elicit sandwiches subdue the cops.
Spiders disguised as lilies steal raindrops.

It's been raining pretty hard for days. I've just gotten back from grocery shopping in it--hopefully I won't need to go back out until Friday. I ate at Subway Sandwich while I was out and listened to an apparently mentally impaired police officer talk to the employees, enjoying his sandwich so much that he loudly said, "Yeah, baby!"

I have the home page on my browser set to go to a random article on Wikipedia, and when I opened Firefox earlier I saw this article about a Polish settlement with one resident. I don't know how an article about that settlement can't even mention the person's name.

I dreamt last night I was out for a long walk and forgot to bring my camera. I consequently saw several interesting things, including a spider that looked like an upside down lily with the stamens being the spider's legs and a bunch of really friendly, pale grey, smiling mice with long noses. Maybe it's time I read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland again.

A couple weeks ago, I was at Tim's house when he got American McGee's Alice working on his computer. Like all adaptations of the Alice books, it's missing a lot, but it's actually an extremely good game with some of the best atmosphere I've ever seen in a video game. Chris Vrenna's score is part of it, but even more crucial is the constant ambient noises, especially a persistent creaking noise like you're in a wooden structure slowly pulling itself apart or a giant upset stomach.

I watched the final episode of Angel last night. So ends the Buffyverse viewing saga I began eight months ago. It's incredibly obvious Angel went before it's time--the ball had just gotten rolling with Illyria, Spike was still settling in. I guess Angel's death, despite being a successful show, was one of the early signs of the death of expensive fiction shows on television.

It was a good episode, despite Wesley going out like a sucker. I mean, couldn't he have been a little better prepared for his fight with the guy on dialysis? Whatever happened to his ever present firearms? But I liked Illyria's stuff, Angel signing away his prophesied salvation, and how Adam Baldwin beating Illyria up made him seem especially threatening. I gotta read the comics.
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