January 27th, 2010

Death Chess

Thoughtful Transportation of Goods

Last night's tweets;

Beware the sleeping cookie scale dragon.
The shadowed mountain smells like a bakery.
Hot dough creates corpses by the wagon.
And deer puke Slurpee by royal decree.

Having mentioned chess a few tweets ago seems to have gotten me on the list of over sixteen thousand people Women's World Chess Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk is following. I hadn't heard of her, but I've suddenly gotten addicted to watching YouTube videos of her playing chess.

That she thought a few moves ahead of time so quickly to that Knight fork at the end blows my mind.

I only watched three videos of her, though, because I've been drawing pretty much all day. I pencilled two pages to-day in the time it took me to pencil single pages of the whole rest of the chapter. It's lucky these last two pages ended up being easier--I keep the difficulty of drawing the pages out of mind when I write the script, so I can only hope the next chapter will be easier.

I also watched part of Obama's State of the Union Address while I was eating lunch. I thought it was rather surprising the Republicans would so blatantly avoid applauding when Obama talked shit about lobbyists. I suppose the GOP has good reason to be cocky, though.

I've been getting more and more pessimistic about the people in government nowadays, but I have to admit the guy gave me a glimmer of hope with charm alone. But it didn't take long for the reality of the Republican strategy of ceding absolutely no ground came back to my mind.

Last night I dreamt I became a club DJ and hired a stripper to be my personal assistant. I bought an angry, dancing iguana, which made my stripper/assistant upset because she already had a twelve foot long white reptile of some kind which she kept in an aquarium filled with opaque, black liquid.
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