March 14th, 2010


The Lizard Future

I was walking to my parents' house when I came very close to stepping on this beautiful lizard;

I got some video, too.

The music's by Trent Reznor from the Quake soundtrack. It's one of those rare instances where I knew exactly the music I wanted to use when I was recording the video.

I was bringing my bottle of Jameson to my sister who, for St. Patrick's Day, was making cupcakes that called for Guinness in the batter, Jameson in the chocolate filling, and Baileys in the frosting. While she was cooking, I drank some Baileys in some Italian roast coffee and played Soul Calibur III. Before I knew it, I had had a whole bunch of coffee and Baileys without having eaten and had gotten very wound up in the game. I've been coming down for hours now, but it was worth it.

When I got back here, I looked at Twitter and followed William Gibson's link to this video of the ending theme to a Japanese live action drama supposedly based on the true story of an otaku who intervened when a drunk started harassing women on a subway. The story's called Densha Otoko and is also a movie, manga, and novel, which leads me to believe otaku aren't often known to do shit Japan. I was intrigued to see Gainax listed in the end credits and discovered the opening theme is a homage to Gainax's famous 1983 Daicon IV music video for "Twilight" by Electric Light Orchestra as well as to the opening theme of Galaxy Express 999;

My favourite part is all the tiny, sperm-like carrots apparently fertilising the giant head of cabbage.

Last night's tweets;

Hope breaks no bones falling with thoughtless snow.
When you get back to the top there's buzzards.
Accepting all disks lets computers grow.
Cats inspect cords to avoid shock hazards.
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