August 12th, 2010

Wircelia's Heather

Venia and the Things She Can't Control

The new Venia's Travels is online. Rather early, partly because I ended up not driving to Orange County and back yesterday as originally planned, and had gotten ahead for. Also, this new daytime schedule's partly responsible. I'm so hungry right now.

Not much else to blog about. Well, I got some new daddy-long-legs footage, but I don't want to put it on the hard drive until I've freed up some space, which I can't really do until I get a new DVD burner--I'm not sure what's wrong with the old one, but for some reason the computer refuses to acknowledge more than 600 megabytes of free space on any blank DVD. Music CDs and movie DVDs seem to work fine, though.

So, anyway. If a new Venia's Travels isn't enough to keep you kids occupied, here's this;

Twitter Sonnet #171

Secret jewels adorn Mr. T's shadow.
Belgium omissions drop dangerous waffles.
Puppet tentacles advance art nouveau.
Forgotten hats fall into fake raffles.
Trapped housefly holds tight his potato cap.
In a snake blimp beats the heart of a boy.
Odin's nostrils keep rain water on tap.
Orgies of provolone envelop soy.
Ferengi croissants collapse completely.
Anti-Semitic aliens parse pi.
Sprinkled pastries cover nipples neatly.
Every bear claw is an implicit lie.
Tiffany's breakfast is made of metal.
Swallowed poison helps a body settle.
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