October 9th, 2010


Big Destruction

I had a dream last night about Wonder Woman and a car mechanic on the back of a large, flatbed truck speeding through residential areas. The mechanic was wearing a grey jumpsuit and was on his back under a machine of some kind. Occasionally he'd scoot out and look at a sketchbook Wonder Woman was holding up for him. Wonder Woman was wearing a plain orange leotard, the shapes of her nipples on her large breasts plainly visible. The drawing she had in the sketchbook for the mechanic kept changing, every time he looked. The only one I remember was a large, black outline of a "W" with red white and blue stars and stripes designs hastily scribbled with marker. I guess this all may have been inspired by the Jaime Hernandez comics I was reading at the dentists'.

I spent a lot more time at Tim's playing World of Warcraft than anticipated last night. He ran my human rogue through Stratholme, which got me a level up and a lot of loot. I also watched him play the beta version of Cataclysm, as he's one of the testers Blizzard hath chosen. It looks like there will be a lot of improvements when Cataclysm's released--most of what Tim showed me focused on the new Goblin player race, though. I was amused by the section of Orgrimmar shared by the Goblins and the Trolls--filled with palm trees and wooden buildings of the trolls, but polluted by a big pool of oil filled with discarded toys and bottles.

I was personally more eager to see the new Worgen player race, but Tim seemed reluctant to deal with them very much as apparently they're still rather buggy--the female Worgen in particular has a lot of mismatched texturing.

With breakfast to-day, I read "JOHN FOUR," the new story in the Sirenia Digest, a nice, post-apocalyptic tale in Lovecraft's universe taking place in a temple of Nyarlathotep with both a worthy atmosphere of dread and a certain amount of humour about the temple's dreadful denizens.

Then I watched the new Panty and Stocking with Garter belt--I'm in love with Stocking. She took off both stockings to make swords this time. I've been ogling the production and fan art on 4chan to-day.

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