October 30th, 2010

Penguin Beer

Cats of Steel

Feeling a little better to-day, but I had to avoid watching the second half of the new Panty and Stocking with Garter belt, which was about vomiting. The first half, about nose picking, was hard enough to get through. This show is definitely hitting new levels of gross out humour--there's been episodes about shit and about semen (or rather the ghosts of sperm). I guess they haven't covered urine yet--it's like the show was written by the nastiest fourteen year old boy they could find. But it seems to work most of the time.

Here are a couple photos of moths from yesterday;

I wanted to get pictures to show just how thick the air was with them, but they're too small and fast. They liked to fly circles around me, too.

I decided I felt well enough to go to Tim's last night, or at least I thought getting out would help, and it seemed to. On the way, I saw a cat lying in the road--not like he was dead or injured, but in "loaf" position, which cat owners might recognise as a cat lying on its stomach with its legs curled up under it. One of my aunt's cats, Lucky, when he lived here would freeze up in terror in this position sometimes when strangers would come in the house, so I wondered if the cat had been crossing the road and suddenly realised what a scary thing that is to do when several tires whizzed past, inches from his face--I'd almost hit him myself, as he was in a turn lane slightly behind a partition.

So I parked and got out of the car and approached him. He ran a few feet away from me and then seemed to get distracted by something in a bush. It must be nice living so free of anxiety.

Looks like it'll be another Halloween where I don't have the time or money to dress up. I did buy a big bag of candy, though, for trick or treaters. I wanted to just get a big bag of Atomic Fireballs, but I could only find them in a mixed bag of candies. I think I remember that being my favourite thing to get in my bag on Halloween when I was a kid.

Belated happy birthday to spacecoyotevega.
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